Keeping the Hustle

Time in: 7:50 AM

I was earliest when I came in at the office today. Technically, today was our day off, but we had a lot of work to do, so I went in. But I found out my group would be working on the rest of our videos outside of the office.

Before leaving, however, I had to wait for Ms. Shane to arrive for a favor requested by Ate Khyz. But by the time it was half past nine, Ms. Shane hadn’t come yet, so I went on my way.

My group had agreed to meet on the UP grounds, so I headed to the library and found Phoebe and Grace working on the video of James. It was the one whose subtitles I hadn’t completed yet. I waited for Grace to finish polishing and going through the editing. It wasn’t long until I had to take over the editing process and provide the rest of the subtitles for the video.

When I completed the subtitles, I finalized the video by editing the foundation’s logo and attaching it onto the film as a watermark. It was an experiment I initiated at first, as it wasn’t totally necessary since we already present the foundation at the end of each video, but we ended up going with the watermark too. It took me a while as well, with my non-existent Photoshop skills and some help from a mutual friend who was a fine arts major.

Basically, I spent all, or most, of today on our second video.¬†We’d already started progress on the rest, but I haven’t had a direct hand yet in the editing. Despite being a day off, today was like the average workday (except for the part where it was outside the office).

On the other hand, I also contacted Ms. Shane today for a possible agreement allowing us to head over to our last location tomorrow. She hasn’t replied even as I am writing right now, so my group isn’t quite set for tomorrow’s schedule yet. But we’re definitely in a time crunch. What with two (or three) videos to produce, approval on our last write-ups, our MOA’s being processed, and the library event on Saturday.

Technically, we all have five days until our internship period ends. However, each of us has worked differently on our progress, despite having been divided into groups. There are probably some of us who may achieve their required number of hours this week, and some might have to extend past the 19th. But who knows. I just hope it’s a good final event for all of us on Saturday, especially the kids.

Got to keep hustling!


Time out: 5:20 PM

Number of hours: 9 hours and 30 minutes


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