Still Moving Forward

Time in: 7:40 AM

A busy day starts early, and I was definitely early today. When I arrived, it was still only Ate Khyz who had come in. I spent my time waiting for my group to arrive calculating the hours I’ve achieved┬áso far, and it wasn’t long after that Phoebe and Grace came in at the office.

We began work on our videos, and for today we focused on Marissa’s. We had originally planned to incorporate her and Michelle’s accounts into one documentary, but when we transferred Michelle’s footage and played them, we discovered there was no audio at all in the all the clips. I had audio recordings from the filming, but unless we sync them together by reading the interviewees’ lips to realize what they’re saying and match them with the recordings, it wasn’t enough to go on with a feature of Michelle. I found this extremely disappointing, as Michelle’s story deserved the attention to be told through a short documentary, and we filmed the mother and daughter at the last minute, but still with great enthusiasm from them. We focused on Marissa today, so we haven’t completely resorted to abandoning the production of Michelle’s video, and whether we should do an article on her instead. We’d already submitted the documentary on James, so it was important we finalize the one of Marissa for submission to and evaluation by Ms. Shane today.

During the morning, I was busy with doing subtitle work once more – translating, creating titles, and positioning them onto the sequence. I finished them just before noon, but while Grace was reviewing the saved project, she accidentally knocked a bottle of water on the table we were working on, and the spill touched Phoebe’s laptop. It didn’t get very wet, but when we tried to go back to the video, the computer acted up by powering off all of a sudden and restarting itself over and over. The two – Phoebe and Grace – immediately went out to get the device checked at a computer repair store just after lunch break.

I didn’t go with them, so I spent the rest of the day at the office as I shifted my attention from the video to the program we’re having two days from now. I had to start gathering several videos we could use to show the kids as part of the program, so that’s what I did. For the rest of my time at work, I scouted the Internet for fun educational videos about junk food.

Meanwhile, those of us left asked Ms. Shane whether we could meet the kids from Mabolo tomorrow. She arranged a few things with Ms. Aida, then told us we could go directly to their schools, since it’s a schoolday, and perhaps visit them before their morning ceremony begins, or during a break. Anyhow, we’d have to inform their principal before we make any move of the sort, or anything similar that may in some way disrupt the children’s classes.

All of us interns also held a small conference about the details for Saturday. We discussed expenses, the program’s flow, start and end time, assembly time, and other things like where to get the proper utensils and kitchenware to avoid buying styrofoam lunch packs and plastic utensils.

Overall, quite a busy day, with a little bit of confusion, anxiety, and pressure. But forward we still move.


Time out: 5:25 PM

Number of hours: 9 hours and 45 minutes


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