Halfway Planning

Time in: 8:30 AM


Today was originally fieldwork day in Mabolo. My group’s plan was to meet up at around 11 AM to noon and head up to Mabolo Elementary School and ask about our girl, who was named Megan, and possibly meet her. I woke up quite early, and when we’d conversed through our group chat about the plan, I started to work on other tasks while waiting for 11 AM.

I continued my search for more informational videos on junk food and healthy eating for tomorrow’s event. I download some more of them, jotted down a few possible questions, and uploaded them onto a folder I created for the program on Google Drive.

While waiting for the videos to finish copying in the folder, I took the liberty of starting a write-up on Michelle. Our footage of their interview was practically unusable without its audio, so a feature article was the best thing to go on with if we intend to put out Michelle’s story, which we do.

I focused my attention alternately between writing the draft and looking for any more videos to show on Saturday. When it was past eleven, Phoebe and Grace informed me that they were on their way, so I prepared to head out too. With this, I was unable to finish the draft I just started on, but I managed to upload the rest of the junk food videos.

We met up at Mabolo Elementary School just a little bit after twelve. When I arrived, Grace had already gone for the principal’s office, so I waited by the entrance gate with Phoebe. Grace returned not a long while later, telling us the school couldn’t provide us with the information we needed immediately, with thousands of student profiles in store, and only her name as our own identification of her. Moreover, the school lacked a computer system that stored all possible data of its students, which was hardly efficient.

We ended up leaving the school with no interview or no meeting with Megan achieved. It was a disappointment, with Grace having bothered to bring her DSLR camera, plus the fact that Ms. Shane only provided us with the children’s names – no age, no addresses, not even their grade level, something that should have come up with us having to visit their school and all.

Nonetheless, we still had somewhere to go after the school. We had a prearranged meeting with Ate Niza and Ate Jude at the SM City Cebu mall – for collection of our money contributions, and confirmation of a few details about the preparations. They were in the mall’s food court, and we successfully met up and exchanged what needed to be. They both left soon after meeting with us.

We took a lunch break at the food court, but mostly for Phoebe, since I already had lunch before I went out. After that we went inside Krispy Kreme, and sat ourselves at a table to continue editing a video.

This one was of Ashley’s – a main highlight from our Inayawan trip. The sequence was over five minutes long when I took over the editing, so I trimmed some parts of it after some playbacks. I also worked on the video’s subtitles, of course. This time, though, they weren’t the only text I had to create and work into the short documentary; we also needed to incoporate a text narrative to put the video together. So with composing a documentary text, making subtitles, and applying some modifications to the sequence as I worked along, my afternoon was full and busy with post-production editing.

I achieved the task, but only a little over halfway by the time it was half past five. By then, I let the other two check the editing work I did ad go over the project so far. While doing this, they suddenly had to leave for UP to claim the MOA we left to the legal office for notarization. I was about to go as well, so we went out the donut shop together.

I can’t say today went accordingly, because it didn’t, and I’m still disappointed. But the progress I acquired today wasn’t disappointing, so that’s good. We’ll see if tomorrow will be too.


Time out: 5:30 PM

Number of hours: Nine


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