An Almost-Ending

Time in: 8:30 AM


I worked all day today on our last two articles. My group agreed yesterday to meet up at the same spot beside the Mabolo high school at noon, when Megan’s mother usually arrives.

I devoted half of the day to finishing the draft of Michelle’s story. I finished it just before 11 AM so I could prepare for our meetup. When I was ready to go out, I visited our group chat and asked the others if they were on their way yet. But then, they informed me that Grace had already met Megan’s mother yesterday, and had managed to get the clips that we needed to complete the video. I was surprised, especially as I learned more of her night escapade there, but I understood, and told them I would focus instead on finalizing the articles on Michelle and Ashley for the rest of the day.

So that’s what I did. I completed writing Michelle’s after I transcribed parts of their interview and translated them too. At past three I finished the article, with the only thing left for it being a picture or two of Michelle and Ms. Shane’s consultation.

I proceeded to work on Ashley’s story then, but found myself a bit short on something to work with – it was practically three-quarters-finished, lacking only some direct quotations from the interview. I contacted my group, but even at past six the video was still not uploaded, even as I was told it was done, so I did nothing except for the tiniest bit of editing to improve the write-up on Ashley.

Today is the first where I worked a full day out of the office, and today is the last day that fulfills my time period requirement. Today almost seemed like an ordinary hot summer day in the house for me. But of course not really. I’ve got several tasks left to wrap up this internship, and there’s a bit more urgency to finishing all our assignments for us to submit our requirements early, but I personally feel it’s not quite over.

Even so, like I said in our documentary, it’s been a well-spent summer.


Time out: 5:00 PM

Number of hours: 8 hours and 30 minutes


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