Bidding a Thankful Bye

Time in: 8:30 AM


Oh, the last day.

Or at least, officially. Today was spent at the office, and in the morning I finished writing the article on Ashley, as well as finalizing Michelle’s. Ms. Shane gave us feedback on the videos we recently submitted, and most of them needed to be edited some more.

Most of the changes that had to be made were on the subtitles – several word changes and paraphrasing here and there. I also added a part in the videos where we put in a short credit towards the end of the video, per the feedback we received from Ms. Shane and Ms. Hansen, who is one of the foundation’s higher-ups, I believe.

I finished the articles and informed Ms. Shane about them as I worked on the videos, two of which I took over. A while after the noon break, I completed re-editing Marissa’s video.

I delegated the rest of the work on the videos to Grace and Phoebe, so that all of us left the office quite early. We held a discussion with Ms. Shane today about our final requirements, and she told us she’d be available to work with us on them by Friday.

So my last official day at Rise Above Foundation was pretty low-key. Nothing particularly eventful. But I think many of us interns would agree that the time flew by fast and a lot of it was spent interestingly and greatly. One of us mentioned today that it would be a bit mingaw (lonely or quiet) after this internship is over. We silently agreed.

But I believe we’ll get over it. The many encounters and experiences we went through have made up more than enough themselves for their own briefness. They will come to shape part of my perspectives in the future, and help me broaden even more my level of empathy when considering the marginalized.

I will miss some of it, and most surely the kids – the older clever ones in Sambag Dos and the little ones we got to be playmates with in the Family Care Center; even the ones we met for just one time, but whom we learned so much about in those short meetings. They have all helped me to look with more kindness, act with more patience, and think with more willingness to understand.

It has been a summer internship of discoveries, enlightenment, and realization. And it is now officially over.

I thank Rise Above, and you too, dear reader, for staying with me.


Time out: 3:45 PM

Number of hours: 7 hours and 15 minutes


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