Allison Auman just finished her sophomore year as a mass communication major at the University of the Philippines Cebu. For her midyear internship, she chose to work at Rise Above Foundation – a volunteer foundation that aims to better the quality of life for the impoverished masses in Cebu City, an urban hot spot in the Philippines.

Rise Above achieves this by hosting internships, recruiting volunteers locally and internationally, and through livelihood trainings, health and hygiene programs, and education programs. For two hundred hours, Allison will work at Rise Above as a communication intern, writing content, producing documentary and feature videos, and managing events.

Along the way, she will also come across situations of people in life she has never had before – meeting new people, learning about stories from the slums, coming to understand the marginalized, immersing in the difficult environment they live in, and seeing firsthand the hardships those in poverty face daily.

This is her online journal where she records every experience during this summer internship.